Floatation Tank Therapy Faq Floatology Floating Phoenix


There are many benefits to flotation tank therapy, and you may have many questions, so we have put together this list of our most frequently asked questions. Learn about float therapy benefits, health, safety, pregnancy, and much more here.

float tank therapy faq

What are the benefits of floating? Why should I float?
What if I don’t float?
What if I’m afraid or claustrophobic? Will I get anxiety in the tank? Aren’t I doing this to relax?
Can I drown in the tank? What if I fall asleep while floating?
Do I have to stay in the tank the whole time? What if I want to get out?
How do I know that my float session is done?
What if I get salt in my eyes?
Will my skin wrinkle like in a bathtub?
Can I float if I have dyed hair?
Can more than one person float in a tank at one time?

first float/how to prepare

What can I expect on my first visit?
What do I need to bring?
How should I dress when coming to float?
What do I wear while in the tank?
Should I eat or drink prior to going in the tank? What should I avoid?
What if I have to use the restroom?
What do I do when my float is over?

about our float tanks

What type of Float Tanks do we use?
Is the water safe and clean? How is it cleaned?
Is the water changed out every time someone floats?
Are there audio capabilities in the tanks? Please describe them.
Are there lighting capabilities in the tanks? Please describe them.

pricing and services

How long is a float session?
How often should I float?
Can I float for longer than 60 minutes?
What types of pricing and membership plans do you offer?

women and floating

Can I float during my menstrual cycle?
Can I float if I’m pregnant?


Are there any potential negative side-effects or contraindications? Who should avoid floating?
Do you have a cancellation policy?
How long have you been open?